Heating and Cooling Maintenance

Preventative maintenance for your home's furnace is important to ensure your system stays strong all winter long. Did you know that keeping a well-maintained furnace (and boiler, when applicable) can improve your furnace's efficiency and save you money on your energy bills? Keeping your heating system clean will also ensure that your equipment operates smoothly during the peak winter months.

In order to make sure you and your family are staying comfortable this winter, have one of our technicians come out and give your home's furnace some preventative maintenance. Depending on the system in your home, our technicians will:

  • Provide furnace cleaning
  • Clean and wash burner assembly
  • Clean sensors
  • Check safeties
  • Check venting
  • Check the heat exchanger
  • Clean motor intakes and oil if needed
  • Check air filters
  • Check humidifier
  • Check water pressure (boiler)
  • Check expansion tank (boiler)
  • Check pressure release valve (boiler)
  • Test oil fittings (boiler)
  • Test operation

Remember, your furnace and air conditioning systems are mechanical - just like your car - and needs regular maintenance to continue to run properly. If you haven't had your system checked, cleaned, or maintained recently, call the experts at Climate-Tech. We can usually come out the same day and we can make sure that your system will be running strong all winter long!

For tips and troubleshooting help on your furnace, see our troubleshooting page here.

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